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Grandma’s Herbs was established over 30 years ago by Joseph VanSeters and his wife Jaon. His story is pretty interesting. He tells it like this;

Joe and Joan VanSeters

I was sick and tired of being sick to my stomach. I went to doctors, I went to clinics I even went to hospitals a couple of times. All of that was to no avail. Nobody could help me. I was given medication after medication. I was put on strict regimins to try to resolve the issue. I was given perscriptions for an ulcer, that I didn’t even have. All of it was a complete waste of time and effort.

I was at my wits end when a friend told me to try going to this chiropractor that was also an herbologist. I was sure he was going to be another quack that would tell me to try something else and that the results were going to be the same as before. But, what the heck… I didn’t have anything to lose. He couldn’t make me feel worse, so I went.

I didn’t see what I expected when I got to his house. My first thought was that this man needed a son to take care of the weeds in his yard. Its a good thing that I was willing to overlook the first impression thing or I might have just turned around and left. This man was a calm man that was slow to react to anything. I was in a hurry and he wasn’t going to be rushed. He asked me questions for what seemed like hours. The questions were all the same ones that I had answered before. I kept thinking “what is this guy going to do that is sooo different?” Soon he started out to his back yard and asked me to follow. He said we were going to his garden. When we left his house and entered his “garden” I had that same thought from earlier, this guy needs a son to take care of his weeds! The thought was a little louder in my mind though. I think that this was because his back yard made his front yard look good.  We went to a corner of his yard (garden) and he started clipping leaves from some of the plants. He took the roots of some of the others and some stocks of some plants too. We went back inside where he cleaned all of the stuff that we picked up and placed them in a paper bag. He told me that if I followed his instructions perfectly I would start to feel relief in just a couple of days. But I would have to follow all of his instructions not just part of them.

He told me that I had to eat nothing but raw vegtables for the next week and that before each meal I needed to make a tea out of the herbs that he gave me. He also listed the protions of each of the herbs that I needed to make the tea with. This was a really odd request. He wanted me off of dairy and meat products  and in the seventies that was just un heard of. But again what did I have to lose. He wasn ‘t going to make me feel any worse so I commited to following his instructions perfectly. It was the only way that I would really know.

He was right! I started to feel better in just a couple of days. I thought that I had better go back and find out a little more about what was happening. He told me that it was simple. I had a bloodsugar issue and he just needed to give my body the tools that it needed to balance my bloodsugar. Today the condition is called hypoglycemia. I still have to watch what I eat and I have to supplement my self with several herbs but I am almost ninety years old now and I have been very comfortable over these last forty years.

The reason that, that story is so important to Grandma’s Herbs is be cause that is how it all started. After Joe started to feel better he startes investigating the reasons that the herbs were so effective. He started studying with people like Dr. Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen. He went to school and took nutrition calsses, physiology classes and botany classes. He earned a Master Herbalist certification. and with that knowledge he started to develop formulas that helped other people to feel better and live more pain free lives.

Now we have 43 formulas. Each one addresses different health concerns. We have a protein drink that is a healthy complete meal replacement drink. We sell our products all over the United States through distributors, retail stores, mail order catalogs and of course we have an online store.

We strive to keep our formulas effective but side effect free. We do this by leaving our products natural. We try not to use extracts or chemically altered herbs. We research the products thoroughly. Then we have tested them with time. We challenge ourselves each and every day to do the right things for the right reasons. You should try Grandma’s Herbs…. Why? Because they work!