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Herbal Remedys and Meal Replacements for Weight Loss

Diet & Weight Loss
On any given day about half of all Americans are on a diet. We spend over 40 billion dollars each year on diet and weightloss programs. But 65% of all Americans are still over weight. The failure rate on fad diets and diet programs like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers is currently 97%. So what is the answer to this dilemma? Grandma's Herbs has a few suggestions. Don't plan on a fad diet or a pill to do the work for you. If you do lose some weight this way you can count on gaining it back as soon as you discontinue that high maintenance fad diet or taking that expensive pill. Most plans and pills have a short term window of effectiveness and need to be changed for something else in order to continue losing weight. There are some supplements that can help curb your hunger. Grandma’s Herbs offers Slim and Slim Too. Both of these formulas are all natural, effective and non habit forming. We also offer an all natural meal replacement drink. SlimSmart is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and calories. It will provide you with omega 3’s amino acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Don’t starve yourself, lose weight Grandma’s way.
GH Rush Energy Package
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Package Features:

Schizam! Energy Unleashed Sample
SCHIZAM! Energy Unleashed Trial Pack With Green Coffee Bean & Energizing "B"...
Schizam! Energy Unleashed
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There is no word in the English language that I am aware of that describes...
Totally Herbal Colon Cleanser 3 Bottle

Buy Complete Herbal Colon Cleansing Package...

Grandma's Herbs Catalog
Grandma's Herbs Catalog is a listing of our herbal remedies. Learn more about...
Slim Smart Vanilla FREE Sample
Slim Smart - Vanilla meal replacement protein drink trial packet. SLIM...
Slim Smart Strawberry FREE Sample
Slim Smart Strawberry Taste Packet SLIM SMART is the healthy meal...
Slim Smart Chocolate FREE Sample
SLIM SMART is the healthy meal replacement protein drink you’ve been...
Super Lax - Free Sample
Super Lax Trial Pack - 10 Capsules Free Our Top Selling Product that has...
Energy Package
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Addresses chronic low energy levels Grandma's Herbs Energy Package...
Gluco Control Package
The Golden Three products in the Gluco-Control Package - Herbal Remedies for...
Totally Herbal Colon Cleanse Package
Complete Herbal Colon Cleansing Package Totally Herbal Colon Cleanse...
Slim Too (Caffeine Free)
Curbs Appetite - Caffeine Free Slim Too* - 100 Capsules - 480 mg....
Super Lax
  • Natural formula especially good for constipation or toxic bowel...
Grandma's Herbs has helped thousands of people to meet their weight loss goals. Our way isn't the fastest but we believe its the best.