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Immune Enhancer

Immune Enhancer and Nature’s Biotic – They really work!!!

They really work!!!

Our family has used several herbal products from Grandma’s.  The products are good and the service is knowledgeable and friendly.

Two products have been very beneficial to each of us.  The “Immune Enhancer” and the “Nature’s Biotic”.  Whenever we have been exposed to colds or flue like symptoms, or whenever we feel run down, tired or susceptible, taking these herbs have prevented us from having serious colds etc.  We’ve gone thru 2 winters now with no lost days because of colds or flue.  Thanks for helping us.

Ray & Ruby Robinson.

Cold and Flu Package

I’ve had a cold and cough for a month and nothing was getting rid of it.  I started taking Grandma’s Herbs Immune Enhancer, Nature’s Biotic and Respiratory Relief together and I can state I finally feel better. What a relief to feel good again.

“COLD AND FLU” package worked great for her and her family

“When I first felt the on set of the flu I started taking the Grandma’s Nature’s Biotic and Immune Enhancer.  I took 4 Nature’s Biotic capsules four times a day and 2 Immune Enhancer capsules four times a day.  After 3 days I added the Phase I Blood Cleanser, 3 capsules three times a day and Heal 2 capsules twice a day and the Herbal Calcium 2 capsules twice a day.

I started the Super-Lax formula at the same time as I started the Nature’s Biotic and Immune Enhancer.  I found that if I keep my bowel cleansed out that I didn’t feel as bad.

Now that I have gotten over the flu, I continue to take the Super-Lax formula to keep the bowel clean.

When my grandchildren first showed signs of a cold or flue I adjust the dosage and gave it to them too.

It sure has helped my family get through the winter months healthier than I ever thought possible(without those large doctor bills!)”

Of course this is just one testimonial of how the “Cold and Flu” package can work for you.  The recommendation of capsules to take depends on each individual person.  But we have had many testimonials just like the one above.

Good health to you and your family during the coming winter months.
Kathleen, Utah