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Overall Rating: 96.00%
Average Rating: 9.60/10
Dear Grandma’s Herbs
Thank you for recommending Grandma’s Herbs Complete Body Cleanse. It was not until I had to take an ambulance ride to the hospital ER did I really begin to pay attention to the side effects of my prescription medications. After my blood pressure and blood levels tested so high, and many other tests were run, all they could come up with was acid reflux and told me to take OTC acid reflux meds, which I was already taking. This was when I decided something different had to be done and I took my health matters into my own charge.
I immediately began on the Complete Body Cleanse which included the Liver and Kidney cleansing herbs and the Super Lax. I was only halfway through the month long cleanse when my doctor called me with my new blood test results of my liver function test and said “I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up because whatever it is it is working!”
I told him about the Grandma’s Herbs Complete Body Cleanse which I was doing. He said I should go back to my family doctor if I have any more problems because from my good blood test results that he saw nothing more that he could do at this time. He told me again to keep up what I was doing.
As I am finishing up the full body cleanse now I am feeling better each day! Whatever stomach and eating issues were there have completely gone away! I am so happy that I feel normal again. I do not have a feeling like a baseball is in my esophagus and don’t have a burpy feeling anymore. It is truly amazing too that I lost five pounds overnight!
Thanks again for Grandma’s Herbs Complete Body Cleanse. Even some of my very healthy children are doing the cleanse too and they say it is much less expensive than other-only one week- cleanses which they have done. But more importantly to me it has made me a much healthier person and solved my problems which even the medical community could not solve.
Very grateful
J. G.
Dear Grandma’s Herbs
My Grandma’s Herbs Sleep with Chamomile is awesome! Within an hour after taking two capsules I am in a sound but gentle sleep and the best part is that I do not have a headache at the back of my head in the morning as with OTC sleep meds.
I told my sister about the Grandma’s Nervine and Sleep herbal blends and she loves them too! She has had problems getting to sleep for a few years now because of her restless legs. She sleeps very well now and has absolutely no ill side affects. I am so happy for her especially because her not being able to get to sleep issues were much more serious than mine. She had prescribed medications which did not work nearly as well as the Nerve and Sleep herbal blends.
I want to say thank you from both my sister and I. I have told a lot of people about Sleep and Nervine now.
Teresa Sister Rhonda
T and R
Dear Grandma’s Herbs,
I love your Slim Smart healthy meal replacement and the results. I truly believe the digestive enzymes and probiotic blend have helped me overcome my eating disorder. I just seem to have balanced everything out which my body needed. I was pushing 140 lbs and at only 4’ 11” tall that was not a healthy weight for me. Now after the yummy chocolate and strawberry Slim Smart shakes, I feel much better at 128 lbs!
Every morning I have a Slim Smart Shake, and sometimes in the afternoon, and I really don’t even feel very hungry all day. I also drink a lot of water. It is totally amazing that I feel this good.
Thank you very much for letting me know about you Slim Smart product. It works.
T. Gregory
T Gregory
Dear Grandma’s Herbs,
As I am starting to try more of Grandma’s Herbs, I thought ‘just for fun’ I would try the Female Libido Enhancer Dietary Supplement, and this is really funny because I am single! But I just want to say…that it works for making me feel alive and like I am a woman again. This is pretty awesome considering I am almost 60 years old.
Now, if I could just find a match who is taking the Male Libido I would be thrilled. I just had to let you know that Grandma’s Female Libido Enhancer is not Grandmaish at all!
Still looking for my match!
I have been using superlax for over 5 yrs ,it has always worked . Recomended to my son and his family my wife uses the product to ,we would never be with out it , ready to order more. Thank you grandma,We have also used other products too. Herb
Herb, tam col
Hello Grandma,
This is kind of weird but I am in my teens and I have had problems with my face breaking out haha. My mom told me to start taking Daily Greens and Nature's Biotic. Now my face is better and I don't have to cake on the makeup to hide my zits. TFE :D
Slim Smart is awesome. My kids even love it. And the best thing is that I don't have to fight with them about eating breakfast anymore. Thanks for the best protein shake ever.
Dear Grandma's Herbs,
I am a woman in my mid forties. I have had some issue with feeling, well... worn out. I don't think that I was dealing with depression because as a rule I am a happy person. Not giddy but certainly not depressed (like my doctor was suggesting). I was referred to your company by one of my close friends. She was (is) taking your Female Libido. I told her that my libido wasn't what I was really concerned with. Sex was a long way from my mind, I just want to start feeling like myself again. She insisted that I try it because since she has been taking it as a part of her daily routine she started feeling a little better, a little more like herself.
I have been taking it now for 2 months and I really feel good. I smile without forcing it, I offer help to my teenage kids without feeling overwhelmed and some of the people that I work with have even commented on the differences that they're noticing. I think that your Female Libido is a miracle product. It's not very expensive and it has made a real difference in my life and my outlook.
Thanks Grandma I will be one of your most loyal customers.
All I can say is Grandma's Herbs has the best laxative on the market. I got a sample and noticed a big difference. I ordered a bottle and it came to my house really fast. I think that I'll use it from here on out. Thanks Grandma!!!
Love, love, love the Slim Smart!! Just ordered my second of the Vanilla and my first of the Strawberry. I forgot to add some samples to my order for my neighbor. Trying to get her hooked, as well! Can you toss a sample of each flavor in my shipment for her? This stuff is fantastic! I've lost 7 pounds and I'm loving the drinks. Doesn't feel like I'm dieting at all. In fact, I made the mistake of letting the kids try it and now they want me to make them drinks as treats... Thinking this could get expensive, but it sure beats the alternative crud they're used to reaching for. Yuck!! lol

Thanks so much!!
I just completed your parasite cleanse. I heard about it from a friend of mine who get a health catalog. She told me that lots of people have them and don't evem know it. I was one of those people. I never suspected that I had little critters inside of me but I did. After I started taking the parasite cleanse I noticed the critters in the toilet. Thanks to Grandma's Herbs I flushed them out of my body and then I flushed them down the toilet. Now I feel lots more energy and its all because of Grandma's Herbs.
I love the Slim Smart Shakes. They have helped me lose 30LBS. I drink them almost every moarning because it is hard for me to get a good breakfast in. They keep me full until lunch and give me energy and boost my metabolism.
Super fast shipping! Love the Nervine and Night Nervine! Grandma's is my place to go for all my Herbal Supplements!
I had been having digestive problems for a month and started to get worried about what it might be. I don't have insurance and started looking up my symptoms online and ran across Grandma's Herbs' website. After reading about parasites and the symptoms, I ordered "Parasite & Worms Cleanse" and "Herbal Colon Cleanser & Tonic". Sure enough, after taking them for 10 days, I have already started to see the worms and eggs in my stool. I have been feeling better and have more energy. I have also put on some of the weight I had lost. I was skeptical at first but this stuff really works and works well. I highly recommend it!!! Thank you!!!
Jesus Madrigal
I love your super lax. I'll never be without it again

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