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Overall Rating: 97.50%
Average Rating: 9.75/10
Many years ago my Grand mother came to my office while visiting California, I saw and diagramed cataracts forming in her eyes using bio microscopy. Three years later at 87 years old she retuned to visit. When I saw no evidence in either eye I asked what have you done? She reached into her purse and handed me a tin of bright eyes and explained making, drinking and using the eyewash!
Paul Schenck, PSPS
I had such a problem when I discontinued the use of estrogen (because I have a strong history of cancer in my family.) I had trouble sleeping, had bouts of irritability and crying “jags” and headaches. I had started using a progesterone cream and that helped some but it wasn’t until I began using Body Balance and NaturAll Calm that things leveled out. I feel so much better and all those symptoms are gone, except for a headache occasionally (we all get those from stress!) I am so grateful for Grandma's Herbs products.

Thank you!
“When I first felt the on set of the flu I started taking the Grandma’s Nature’s Biotic and Immune Enhancer. I took 4 Nature’s Biotic capsules four times a day and 2 Immune Enhancer capsules four times a day. After 3 days I added the Phase I Blood Cleanser, 3 capsules three times a day and Heal 2 capsules twice a day and the Herbal Calcium 2 capsules twice a day.

I started the Super-Lax formula at the same time as I started the Nature’s Biotic and Immune Enhancer. I found that if I keep my bowel cleansed out that I didn’t feel as bad.
Now that I have gotten over the flu, I continue to take the Super-Lax formula to keep the bowel clean.

When my grandchildren first showed signs of a cold or flue I adjust the dosage and gave it to them too.

It sure has helped my family get through the winter months healthier than I ever thought possible(without those large doctor bills!)”

Of course this is just one testimonial of how the “Cold and Flu” package can work for you. The recommendation of capsules to take depends on each individual person.
Good health to you and your family during the coming winter months.
I’ve had a cold and cough for a month and nothing was getting rid of it. I started taking Grandma's Herbs Immune Enhancer, Nature’s Biotic and Respiratory Relief together and I can state I finally feel better. What a relief to feel good again.
I am very excited with the results I have received from herbs. I have been a Diabetic for 28 years and was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS, or Lou Gehrigs Disease about a year and a half ago.
Diabetic Neuropathy was very advanced in my feet. I haven’t really been able to feel them for many years. I even had a toe nail removed without any deadening. My brother, Bert S Leany, suggested that I use Cayenne to stop the bleeding in my eye when I was losing the sight in it due to complications of surgery following a detached retina. It did not help my eye; but I have partially regained the feeling in my feet. I had a test done to check the blood flow, arterial occlusion, in my legs and they said it was remarkable now good it is for someone who has had Diabetes as long as I have and also now had ALS. My husband says he wishes I had had the test before taking the Cayenne so that I could see the change. We use it in our juice each morning and are getting several others to try it also.
A cut or wound on me doesn’t usually get better it gets lots worse. I have been introduced to Plantain with Cayenne and a sore now heals quickly with no scaring when I apply it.
I have had such shaking hands for many years that it is very difficult to do numerous tasks. I have been taking Kelp now for about three weeks. There is a noticeable improvement, which has been commented on by other people who know me.
Garlic and Parsley has made a huge difference with my bowels which have been irregular for years. I took Super-Lax about 3 times and now the Garlic does the trick so I share the Super-Lax with others.
I am excited with the results I have received and love sharing the herbs with others I come in contact with.
R Larsen
I began using Grandma's Herbs 7 years ago when my sister introduced me to Super-Lax. I began getting newsletters and was intrigued by an article on the Gluco Control which were reported to help in the regulation of blood sugar. Having a family history of hypoglycemia and adult-onset diabetes, I have always been concerned about blood sugar regulation, but did not realized that my afternoon sleepiness was anything but “getting older” ( I was early 40s). I began taking Herbal Calcium, Nervine and Pancreas Aid 3 times a day and was amazed at the difference in my mental acuity. I no longer get sleepy driving long distances. I now take it with breakfast and dinner and have no more need for naps. However if I’m at work and find myself nodding off at the computer, it’s invariably because I forgot my morning herbs. Here’s an example that surprised even me. I was working on a complex project, out of the norm, and just couldn’t concentrate. I felt stupefied. When I went home for lunch, I realized I hadn’t taken my herbs, so I ate, took them, and came back to the project with a new vigor. Amazing that my brain I so connected to my digestion.
K Hansen
After hospitalization for an operation, I suffered form an infection which was very difficult to clear up; a year later, after we had moved to Utah, my problem recurred, and treatment seemed unavailing. My husband and I read one of your weekly columns on herbs in The Spectrum’s Prime Time which seemed ot clearly describe my problem, so we went to you for advice

I was very pleased to find that Grandma’s Herbal Kidney Formula, which features a species of the genus Eupatorium, purpureum or “Gravel Root”, took care of the problem immediately.

After taking your advice for cleaning out my bodily system, I also used several other herb combinations suggested, Nature’s Biotic, Nervine, Pancreas Aid and Herbal Calcium, which I found to be equally effective for my welfare. An asthmatic condition cleared up, along with a chronic cough.

We both enjoy drinking red raspberry leaf tea, and the cider vinegar/honey combination, daily, along with consuming apples.

We sent bottles of Grandma's Herbs Bright Eyes to a truck driver frend; who has had a serious problem with the peripheral vision in his eyes, a great handicap in his business. Since using the herb, he is delighted with the improvement in his vision.

We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for directing our path to this beautiful city and then to you, Mr. Van Seters, and you have our heartfelt thanks in appreciation of your assistance in improving our health.
Elizabeth LaPointe
One evening I had a strange foreboding of death and hopelessness: I no longer had anything to live for and my life mission was over. I have always been excited about life and had a millions plans for the future and I didn’t know how to handle this new feeling. Was this a revelation and the Lord’s will for me?? For two days I thought that must be it and I spoke to my husband at length about what I wanted the children to have after my death. I have been very careful about eating good things and now thought “What the heck” and bought a big juicy glazed donut at Lin’s Bakery. I was so sad it didn’t even taste good! On the 3rd day I decided “Hey—this is NOT for me. I’m going to fight this!” And reasoned it must be some off balance in my system. I then called you, Joe, and you suggested I take some herbal supplements: Alfalfa tablets, Red Raspberry tea, Grandma's Herbs Pancreas Aid, Nature’s Enzymes, Herbal Energy, Super-Lax and Nervine, and also bee pollen. You promised I’d have so much energy I could hardly handle it all! I started immediately. Within 2 days I felt happy and now 3 weeks later I am charging around with boundless energy and optimism! Thank you, Joe, and Grandma's Herbs.
Becky Lounsbury
I have used herbs most of my life, my grandmother always gave them to us. Some time ago I started using Grandma's Herbs formulas.
I had surgery a couple of years ago and have constantly been putting on weight. I started to feel sluggish and I get tried easily.
After taking Grandma's Herbs Herbal Calcium, Nervine, Slim and Super-Lax, I found that I have more energy to get me through the day and I feel much happier with life and I have lost 25 pounds. I also take Grandma's Herbs Heart Plus because of the heart problems that most of my aunts, uncles and father have. Now I can play with my grandchildren and not get tried after 5 minutes. They tell me how much they like coming to grandma’s and going to the park to play. “Nana is my best buddy” is what I hear them say now.
I tried for months to get my daughter to take some of Grandma's Herbs but she said herbs weren’t what she needed. What she needed was bottled energy and slower kids.
Then one day she noticed that I had been slowly losing weight and that my outlook on life was greatly improved. She wanted to know what I was taking that made such a difference. I told her if she would just try herbs she might find that they can make a difference without the hype that she would get from diet drugs and fad diets. At first she was skeptical, but as the weight came off and she felt better, she agreed that herbs really do work and are better for you. She watches the fat content of her foods, eats slower and eats more fruits and vegetables now.
My daughter works for a day care. She told some of the girls and ladies that she works with what she was taking and she gave some of Grandma's Herbs to her co-workers. One of the ladies at the day care center said she didn’t need the Super-Lac as she had the runs most of the time. When I talked to her and suggested that she just try Grandma's Herbs Super-Lax she agreed at least to try them.
This lady eats a lot of breads and tortillas. She likes her sweets like cookies, cakes and pies. She eats fruits and vegetables but also meat at every meal. She says she hates being over weight and not being able to keep up with the four year old kids in her class (that why she has a helper in her room). Her size has slowed her down and she feels tired. She is now taking Grandma’s Herbs Slim, Nervine, Alfalfa, and Super-Lax. She said she has also changed her eating habits (slowly at first). She is more careful of the fat content in what she eats. She has lost 6 pounds in two months. She said the weight is coming off slowly but at least she doesn’t feel tired or wired for sound as she did with other products she has tried.
Just the other day she stopped me in the hallway of the day care, when I was dripping off my grandsons, and had to tell me show she was doing on Grandma's Herbs Super-Lax. She told me that after we talked a month ago about her taking the Super-Lax, when she thought she didn’t need it, she will never be without Grandma's Herbs Super-Lax. She said she had taken laxatives, enemas and tried other herb formulas that people told her was good, but she said “Grandma's Herbs Super-Lax is the only one I will ever take from now on.” She tells all her friends about how gentle and effective Super-Lax is. She told me she can count on Super-Lax without the fear of having to stay close to home. She goes on with her life and her everyday duties at the day care with ease. (Her moods have leveled out and she is really pleasant to be around again.)
I’m glad that I had the opportunity to introduce these ladies to such wonderful herbs that are changing their lives for the better, thank you Grandma's Herbs.
Dear Grandma’s Herbs
Thank you for recommending Grandma’s Herbs Complete Body Cleanse. It was not until I had to take an ambulance ride to the hospital ER did I really begin to pay attention to the side effects of my prescription medications. After my blood pressure and blood levels tested so high, and many other tests were run, all they could come up with was acid reflux and told me to take OTC acid reflux meds, which I was already taking. This was when I decided something different had to be done and I took my health matters into my own charge.
I immediately began on the Complete Body Cleanse which included the Liver and Kidney cleansing herbs and the Super Lax. I was only halfway through the month long cleanse when my doctor called me with my new blood test results of my liver function test and said “I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up because whatever it is it is working!”
I told him about the Grandma’s Herbs Complete Body Cleanse which I was doing. He said I should go back to my family doctor if I have any more problems because from my good blood test results that he saw nothing more that he could do at this time. He told me again to keep up what I was doing.
As I am finishing up the full body cleanse now I am feeling better each day! Whatever stomach and eating issues were there have completely gone away! I am so happy that I feel normal again. I do not have a feeling like a baseball is in my esophagus and don’t have a burpy feeling anymore. It is truly amazing too that I lost five pounds overnight!
Thanks again for Grandma’s Herbs Complete Body Cleanse. Even some of my very healthy children are doing the cleanse too and they say it is much less expensive than other-only one week- cleanses which they have done. But more importantly to me it has made me a much healthier person and solved my problems which even the medical community could not solve.
Very grateful
J. G.
Dear Grandma’s Herbs
My Grandma’s Herbs Sleep with Chamomile is awesome! Within an hour after taking two capsules I am in a sound but gentle sleep and the best part is that I do not have a headache at the back of my head in the morning as with OTC sleep meds.
I told my sister about the Grandma’s Nervine and Sleep herbal blends and she loves them too! She has had problems getting to sleep for a few years now because of her restless legs. She sleeps very well now and has absolutely no ill side affects. I am so happy for her especially because her not being able to get to sleep issues were much more serious than mine. She had prescribed medications which did not work nearly as well as the Nerve and Sleep herbal blends.
I want to say thank you from both my sister and I. I have told a lot of people about Sleep and Nervine now.
Teresa Sister Rhonda
T and R
Dear Grandma’s Herbs,
I love your Slim Smart healthy meal replacement and the results. I truly believe the digestive enzymes and probiotic blend have helped me overcome my eating disorder. I just seem to have balanced everything out which my body needed. I was pushing 140 lbs and at only 4’ 11” tall that was not a healthy weight for me. Now after the yummy chocolate and strawberry Slim Smart shakes, I feel much better at 128 lbs!
Every morning I have a Slim Smart Shake, and sometimes in the afternoon, and I really don’t even feel very hungry all day. I also drink a lot of water. It is totally amazing that I feel this good.
Thank you very much for letting me know about you Slim Smart product. It works.
T. Gregory
T Gregory
Dear Grandma’s Herbs,
As I am starting to try more of Grandma’s Herbs, I thought ‘just for fun’ I would try the Female Libido Enhancer Dietary Supplement, and this is really funny because I am single! But I just want to say…that it works for making me feel alive and like I am a woman again. This is pretty awesome considering I am almost 60 years old.
Now, if I could just find a match who is taking the Male Libido I would be thrilled. I just had to let you know that Grandma’s Female Libido Enhancer is not Grandmaish at all!
Still looking for my match!
I have been using superlax for over 5 yrs ,it has always worked . Recomended to my son and his family my wife uses the product to ,we would never be with out it , ready to order more. Thank you grandma,We have also used other products too. Herb
Herb, tam col
Hello Grandma,
This is kind of weird but I am in my teens and I have had problems with my face breaking out haha. My mom told me to start taking Daily Greens and Nature's Biotic. Now my face is better and I don't have to cake on the makeup to hide my zits. TFE :D

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