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Natural Antibiotic (NATURE’S BIOTIC)

This combination of herbs acts as a natural antibiotic. We believe this combination has the ability to fight and kill harmful bacteria and infections. It has been used against sore throats, colds and flu, bladder and kidney infections, abscessed teeth and infections of all kinds. Usually when people don’t feel well, they have a low grade infection somewhere in their body. This usually happens when an organ or system starts to break down and a natural antibiotic may be needed. NATURE’S BIOTIC is a big help in these situations.

The 1990s have seen a startling breakdown in medicine’s ability to control microbial diseases. For the first time since natural antibiotics were introduced, antibiotic resistance has mushroomed into a global problem of vast scope and complexity. Pharmaceutical antibiotics are losing their effectiveness, as bacteria become resistant to them, and they have never worked on viruses. Many choose not to take antibiotics as they weaken the immune system by destroying good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria. Grandma’s NATURE’S BIOTIC will work on bacteria as well as viruses as it is a natural antibiotic composed of herbs found in nature. It is most effective in the first stages of an infection.

The main ingredient in NATURE’S BIOTIC is garlic, which is second-to-none as a natural antibiotic. Many people call it nature’s penicillin or nature’s antibiotic. Garlic will strengthen the immune system and has been known to kill dangerous organisms without attacking beneficial organisms that are vital to the body’s health. All over the world, for thousands of years, people have been using garlic as a natural antibiotic to ward off sickness and to improve their health and strength. In NATURE’S BIOTIC, garlic’s effectiveness has been greatly enhanced by the combination of other natural antibiotic herbs, and together they have a synergistic effect. This makes our natural antibiotic blend a must have in today’s age of sickness and disease.