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NaturAll Calm

NaturAll Calm

Body Balance and NaturAll Calm leveled things out

I had such a problem when I discontinued the use of estrogen (because I have a strong history of cancer in my family.)  I had trouble sleeping, had bouts of irritability and crying “jags” and headaches.  I had started using a progesterone cream and that helped some but it wasn’t until I began using Body Balance and NaturAll Calm that things leveled out.  I feel so much better and all those symptoms are gone, except for a headache occasionally (we all get those from stress!)  I am so grateful for Grandma’s Herbs products.

Thank you!

Grandma’s NaturAll Calm and Grandma’s Herbs Fem Aid

The other evening I felt very nervous and upset. I couldn’t even watch the basketball game on T.V.  I was just too stressed out and was having pain from my chest up inot my neck.   I went to bed, but kep waking up feeling very anxious.  Finally, about 2 A.M. I got up and took 3 capsules of Grandma’s NaturAllCalm capsules.  That relaxed me and I went back to sleep and slept like a baby until  7 A.M. I got up feeling good and felt good all day. Amazing.

I have been struggling with depression a lot lately.  I decided to try Grandma’s NaturAllCalm and Grandma’s Herbs Fem Aid. I take two of each before I go to bed each evening. It has helped me to wake up without the depression and I feel like I am sleeping better.

NaturAll Calm 

My experience with Anti-depressants

For many years I have been diagnosed with chronic depression.  Various drugs have been prescribed for this condition.  All but Prozac have had no effect for me (except one of the prescriptions made me sleepy).  The Prozac was mildly helpful.

With my medical doctor’s approval, my Prozac prescription was phased out in favor of St. John’s Wort.  This proved to be about as effective for me as the Prozac without any undesirable side effects.  I have heard that in Europe St. John’s Wort has largely replaced Prozac.

When my store-bought St. John’s Wort ran out, I purchased a bottle of NaturAllCalm  which is said to have some reinforcing herbs in addition to St John’s Wort.  It is distributed by Grandma’s Herbs.  Taking one capsule daily, I find it noticeably more effective for me than either the Prozac prescription or the store-bought St. John’s Wort had been.

Like al medications, I understand that the effectiveness of NaturAllCalm  varies with different people.  With me, however, it is effective and a distinct improvement over every prescription I have tried, and better than simple St. John’s Wort.  I also prefer “Plus” to “Wort” in the name!

Nervine along with NaturAll Calm with good results

We take Super-Lax and the Herbal Colon Cleanser & Tonic and have good results and I’d hate to be without.

And we also take Nervine along with NaturAllCalm Calm with good results.  If you feel tensed up, just take a few of these and you’ll soon be calmed down.  Am trying to come off my drugs for depression and can already skip a few days and just take herbs.  We are really happy with these pills.

Andy R Schlabach
Smicksburg Pa

NaturAll Calm

Am having good results from those Super-Lax and also from the Nervine. Keeps me from being so tired and stress off your mind.  Changed from St John’s Wort to NaturAllCalm, feel it is more worth!

Emma Miller