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doctor recommended and used

Nature's Biotic

Nature's Biotic

Nature's Biotic

Nature’s Biotic, I hate to be without

I’m pleased with what I’ve used so far.  The Nature’s Biotic I hate to be without, as soon as 1 of the family starts with sore throat or even a cold they take Nature’s Biotic and knock it sideways.

Willing Gingerich

I’m very grateful for these wonderful herbs that help my immune system

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I’ve had diverticulitus since 1992 and had several sets of antibiotics from the doctors and been on liquid diets. Since I found Grandma’s Herbs in 1997, I haven’t had to take any antibiotics.  With the help of Super-Lax and Grandma’s Herbs Nature’s Biotic, I can eat a normal diet.  I’m very grateful for these wonderful herbs that help my immune system instead of damage it.

Ronda Eicks

Take Nature’s Biotic

My wife came down with the flue in Jan this year.  She came home sick on a Wed. By Friday she couldn’t hold her head up. On Sunday she couldn’t go to church.  I went to church Sunday morning feeling just fine but during church I started feeling bad and by the time I got home I knew that I had got the flu bug from her.

My wife had been taking store bought medicine so I had some in the house but I remembered that the last time I had the flu I had taken an herbal mixture called Grandma’s Herbs Nature’s Biotic.  And had gotten good results from it.  So I got it and took 4 capsules. When my wife saw me do this she said why have’nt I been taking that I forgot about it.  I told her I was sorry I had too.  She then told me that I should have taken 6 capsules.  Well I noticed that within less than 1 hour all my aches and pains had went away and I felt fine.  The next day about 11:00 AM I started feeling fluie again so I took 6 capsules again. In less than 1 hour I felt fine. That night before I went to bed I took 6 more capsules just to be safe. I took 6 more the next morning. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I could tell I was not up to par, but I was really feeling pretty good.  I did not over do myself those three days, I rested all I could.  Wednesday I felt like my old self.

My wife got over her flu that following Friday.  She did start feeling better when she started taking Nature’s Biotic.  Nature’s Biotic almost stopped that flu dead in it’s tracks for me and it has stopped several colds before this happened, by taking it the minute I felt like they were coming on.  My wife and I both tell our children and everyone else. Take Nature’s Biotic.

Irvin  Allen

Both feeling great thanks to Nature Biotic

One warm morning in the early fall of 1989, Sheryl and family were having a yard sale.  She is one of my good neighbors, thereby I went over to see what was going on.

Sheryl was not in the yard.  I suspected she may be ill.  I asked one of the family if my suspicion was correct. The answer I received was that she and one of her sons had spent a sleepless night with vomiting and suffering from what gave signs of both coming down with colds or flu.  I went into the house to ask if there was anything I could do to help.  After hearing how they both felt I knew I had something which would cure them.

I explained that I had to run an errand before I could bring some Grandma’s Herbs Nature’s Biotic to them.  By the time I came back with the Nature’s Biotic it was nearly noon.  I told them to each take 2 capsules every two hours until they felt better.

That evening I went back over to see how they were.  I found both of them in the yard helping with the sale.  I asked Sheryl how they were.  She said they were both feeling great thanks to Nature Biotic.

Sheryl wanted to pay me for the capsules but I told her to keep those left in her the bottle and all I wanted for pay was for her to help someone else as they had been helped.  This she later did.

2 capsules of Grandma’s Herbs Nature’s Biotic every two hours until she felt better

Caroline Smart was a very busy woman in the fall of 1989. She was not only caring for her one parent family but was going to Dixie College to improve her learning power and also helping with housework for a diabetic neighbor.  It was through the latter that I learned that Caroline was ill.  I immediately phoned to her and asked that she send one of her daughters over to my home and I would give her something which I was sure would help her.  The girls came and I gave them instructions for their mother…2 capsules of Grandma’s Herbs Nature’s Biotic every two hours until she felt better.  The next I heard was that it helped her so fast that that afternoon Caroline was back on the job, cleaning house for the lady who had diabetes.  Again I had her keep the rest of the bottle for use to help someone else.

Nature’s Biotic gives me no bad side effects

I am grateful for Grandma’s Herbs and in particular for Nature’s Biotic.  Nature’s Biotic gives me no bad side effects.  It is complete in itself for the purpose it is formulated.  For minor infection twenty capsules taken over two day clears up the problem.  Personally I will have another infection within three to five weeks.  Following the above procedure will again take care of the problem.

D Toone

We used the Nature’s Biotic this winter for the children (teen age) and had read good results

We used the Nature’s Biotic this winter for the children (teen age) and had read good results.  Helps to get rid of colds. I want to have some on hand whenever we need them.

Alvin N and Mattie Stutzman

Nature’s Biotic—This is what we call “Natures-Natural Antibiotic”

Nature’s Biotic—This is what we call “Natures-Natural Antibiotic”. It’s superb formulation conbines the finest infection fighters you could get all in one bottle!

Many times when I can sense the beginning of a sore throat or feel a little run down and out of sorts I immediately will start taking some Nature’s Biotic just for the sureness of not getting worse.  I’ll take some three times a day with plenty of fluid and sure enough by the next day there’s a noticeable amount of improvement.  My throat feels so much better and often times my fever will diminish to nothing.  I’ve used Nature’s Biotic for quite a few years over and over with y family when family gets a start of a cold and we all swear it’s the grestest.  Nobody has to suffer very long with a cold as long as we’ve got Nature’s Biotic in our cupboard.

Sylvia Wasden

Ann expressed appreciation for the relief Nature’s Biotic had give to her

My brother, James, his wife Opal and their daughters, Jean  and Ann came to my home for an overnight visit.

The two girls, however, decided they wanted to stay in a motel, that their rare vist together would be uninterrupted.

The next morning the first words Ann said to me were, “Annt Fay I have a bad case of diarrhea! Do you know anything I can do to relieve it.  To travel with this will be horrible.”

I knew from the experience another niece had had, that there was indeed a help for her.  I brought out a bottle of Grandma’s Herbs Nature’s Biotic and had her take 2 capsules from it with instructions to take 2 every 2 hours until she felt better.

That night I called Ann in her home in Centerville, Utah to find out whether or not the Nature’s Biotic had helped.  She told me that shehadn’t had the least bit of trouble and had only stopped when the group did.

Ann expressed appreciation for the relief Nature’s Biotic had give to her.  She agreed to use the rest of the bottle to help someone who may need it.

I was introduced to “Nature’s Biotic” and in one day I was feeling fine again!

I had a raw sore throat, swollen glands and low fever, dragging for months.  Refusing antibiotics and seeking to eliminate the cause, I tried many natural remedies, but nothing worked until I was introduced to “Nature’s Biotic” and in one day I was feeling fine again!  This is a wonderful awareness as our bodies do not lie.

Thank You !