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Nature’s Enzymes

Nature’s Enzymes

Nature’s Enzymes

Nature’s Enzymes Combination

I want to thank you very much for suggesting that I start taking Grandma’s Herbs Nature’s Enzymes combination.  Although I’m not quite 50, the last few years I have felt tired and run down.  It didn’t seem to matter how much sleep I got or how much I ate, it was the same.  I always felt tired.

It’s been a little over a year since I started taking Grandma’s Herbs Nature’s Enzymes combination and I feel so much better.  I have the energy to shop or play with the pand or ride the four wheeler or play sports. It is such a great feeling not to be tired all the time.  Thanks again.

Fawn Anderson


One evening I had a strange foreboding of death and hopelessness:  I no longer had anything to live for and my life mission was over.  I have always been excited about life and had a millions plans for the future and I didn’t know how to handle this new feeling.  Was this a revelation and the Lord’s will for me??  For two days I thought that must be it and I spoke to my husband at length about what I wanted the children to have after my death.  I have been very careful about eating good things and now thought “What the heck” and bought a big juicy glazed donut at Lin’s Bakery.  I was so sad it didn’t even taste good!  On the 3rd day I decided “Hey—this is NOT for me.  I’m going to fight this!”  And reasoned it must be some off balance in my system.  I then called you, Joe, and you suggested I take some herbal supplements:  Alfalfa tablets, Red Raspberry tea, Grandma’s Herbs Pancreas Aid, Nature’s Enzymes, Herbal Energy, Super-Lax and Nervine, and also bee pollen.  You promised I’d have so much energy I could hardly handle it all!  I started immediately.  Within 2 days I felt happy and now 3 weeks later I am charging around with boundless energy and optimism!  Thank you, Joe, and Grandma’s Herbs.

Becky Lounsbury