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Respiratory Relief

Respiratory Relief

Respiratory Relief

Respiratory Relief

My wife has been taking allergy shots for many years and still would sneeze and sniffle when we would go up to the mountains.  I have used Respiratory Relief for many years and had her try them.  She has not needed the allergy shots now for the past 3 years.

We are pleased with the results we got from your Respiratory Relief formula

We are pleased with the results we got from your Respiratory Relief formula.  Henry (1 yr old) is doing without medication and is doing good on these herbs.  His medication for his asthma caused an itchy red rash on his face and since he’s not taking drugs it has disappeared so he also looks a lot healthier.  Thank you for your efforts in learning about herbs and helping others learn.  This is the first time we are using herbs to treat an illness and we find it interesting.

Laura Miller

Respiratory Relief

This past winter there were a lot of folks ill flu, bronchitis and colds in our RV park.  One gentleman tried Grandma’s Respiratory Relief and found it reduced the symptoms from which he was suffering.  Word spread like wild fire, and I tried it myself.  The results were the same!  Now if I feel like a sore throat or sniffles are coming on I take on capsule at night and another in the morning and the illness never develops.  Thank you Grandma!

Darlene Hanni

Cold and Flu Package

I’ve had a cold and cough for a month and nothing was getting rid of it.  I started taking Grandma’s Herbs Immune Enhancer, Nature’s Biotic and Respiratory Relief together and I can state I finally feel better. What a relief to feel good again.


elief to feel good again.