Colon Cleansing & Bowel Health

Grandma’s Herbs has several different all natural formulas for internal cleansing. Our best two formulas focus on the colon and the bowel.

Super Lax and Herbal Colon Cleanser have been helping to promote healthy colon and bowel function for over thirty years. "Why is that important?" you ask. "Because they work", we place this phrase on every label and the fact that we are still providing SuperLax and Herbal Colon Cleanser along with several other cleansers is proof that it is true!  Our products have helped a countless numbers of people find relief and better health. Come join our family and you'll find the same thing that thousands of others have found. Our products are natural herbal remedies that really work.
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Constipation can cause a person to feel drowsy and sluggish. It can cause us to become cranky, and make it difficult to concentrate and harder to remember important dates or events.Colitis, a common problem, is an inflammation of the colon. The bowel is trying to remove an irritation, usually pockets or polyps, by flushing it out with water, causing diarrhea, which can go on for years. Diverticulosis and diverticulitis are both a condition in which the walls of the intestines balloon out, forming pouches ( also called polyps). Diverticulitis is an inflammation of these pouches or polyps. They are much easier to prevent than to treat. They are solely a result of the standard American diet. These diseases do not exist as prevalent in cultures eating a whole foods that are high fiber content.

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