Blood Cleanser Phase I

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  • Red Clover:
    • Health care practitioners believe that red clover "purified" the blood by acting as a diuretic (helping the body get rid of excess fluid) and expectorant (helping clear lungs of mucous), improving circulation, and helping cleanse the liver. ( UMM Article Link )
    • Red clover's brightly colored flowers contain many nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. They're also a rich source of isoflavones.
    • The vitamins and minerals may be what make it so effective for overall health. Cleansing isn't just an elimination process. It also involves re-nutrifying all of those organs that have been working so hard.
  • Dandelion:
    • This back yard weed is catagorized diuretic.  Diuretics are used to increase the flow of liquid through the kidney and urinary tract.
    • The toxins carried out through the kidney increase as the fluid the kidney filters increases. Any good kidney cleanse should include a diuretic like Dandelion to help complete the task.
  • Oregon Grape:
    • Oregon grape root uses have traditionally included liver function and gall bladder function. The liver function make Oregon Grape an abvious cleanser.
    • The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants lists increased gall bladder function as one of its many attributes. The gall bladder produces bile. Bile aids the elimination of toxins/ waste products in the small intestine.
    • These Oregon Grape attributes help in showing why it should be included in a great detox formula.

The studies sited above are for informational purposes only. They do not reflect or relate to the performance or purpose of any products that contain similar materials.

Health Information

“Today, with more toxins in the environment than ever, it's critical to detox," says Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., the author of Detoxification.

What is a blood Cleanse?

A blood cleanse is a detoxification process in which healthy liver and kidney functions are promoted. The liver and the kidney are charged with filtering toxins from the blood. A blood cleansing supplement simply aids in that natural process.

Why is it important to cleanse?
  • Virturally everyone needs it to some degree. We all come in contact with toxins every day. Toxins exist in foods, poluted air and contaminated water. Other contributors are bad habits like smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages or sugary soft drinks.
  • When the body absorbs too many toxins to completely filter, the bloodstream and lymphatic system are affected.The filtering organs to work harder and may be weakened over time.
  • The purpose of the bloodstream, and the the lymphatic system, is to carry oxygen and nourishment to the muscles, and organs in the body. Toxins in the bloodstream diminish that purpose. It is said that when there is more waste than is able to be filtered the waste just continues to circulate.

Whether you feel that you have toxins that need to be filtered out or just want be preventative and healthy, there's value in detoxing throughout your life. The liver, one of your body’s detoxifying organs, is constantly filtering blood to strip away any chemicals or toxins that may have ended up in your bloodstream. You can support your liver by taking blood-cleansing herbs.


  • Smoke
  • Drink sugary soft drinks or alcoholic drinks
  • Eat food with preservatives
  • Live in a large city with unhealthy air polutants
  • Work around toxic chemicals on a daily basis

You should probably consider a blood cleanse!


  • Echinacea Angustifolia (root), Red Clover (blossoms), Plantain (herb), Chaparral (leaf), Sage Brush (leaf), Blue Flag (root), Pau D' Arco (bark), Oak (bark), Dandelion (herb), Burdock (root), Sheep Sorrel (herb), Cascara Sagrada (bark), Turkey Rhubarb (root), Black Walnut (hulls), Clove (buds), Blue Violet (herb), Yellow Dock (root), Aloe (leaf), Celandine (herb), Calendula (flower), Poke (root), Buckthorn (bark), Oregon Grape (root), Sassafras (bark), Sarsaparilla (root)


  • Take 3 capsules twice a day or 2 capsules 3 times a day. For a more effective cleanse we recommend you use 2 bottles. Take until all product from both bottles have been consumed. For a complete cleanse, follow Phase I with Phase II, III & IV.

What's included

  • 1 Bottle of Grandma's Herbs BLOOD CLEANSER PHASE I*
    • 100 Capsules - 490 mg.


  • Promotes Healthy Kidney Function
  • Promotes Healthy Liver Function
  • Promotes Healthy Gall Bladder Function
  • Promotes Healthy Immune System Function
  • Promotes Healthy Detoxification


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Best thisg I ever did

This was an experiment. I tried the full package. It really works!!! I feel better than I ever felt before.
Reviewed by sraggy
10/12/2018 - 04:58:02 PM