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 Eyebright Plus formula is designed for eye health. 

By the time we develop eye problems it can be too late to get the help we need. The macula is in the center of the retina, directly behind the lens.  A very small area that is made up of millions of cells which help produce the sharp vision needed to read and see objects clearly.  It is believed that the macular pigment protects the retina, and is related to clarity of the lens of the eye.

LUTEIN is the first ingredient in this formula.

  • It is an antioxidant, which protects cells against free radicals in the body, and is obtained from food or dietary supplements. 
  • It is a carotenoid found in rich abundance in green, leafy vegetables and in fruits. 
  • Current research indicates that dietary carotenoids such as LUTEIN may be beneficial to eye health. (Study Reference)

BILBERRY is the second herb in this formula.

  • Traditionally "eyebright (herb)" is used for tired eyes. 
  • Eyebright Plus is designed to support healthy eye function.
  • Bilberry contains anthicyanoside oligomer. According to the British Journal of Nutrition a clinical study showed anthicyanoside oligomer improves nocturnal vision in a double blind study. (Volume 93, Issue 6  June 2005 , pp. 895-899)

Eyebright Plus

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Reviewed by chickenpoop
10/15/2018 - 04:35:04 PM
Used with Bright Eyes
I already reviewed Bright Eyes. I decided to use Eyebright Plus too. I'll say the same thing... I think that these products really helped my aging vision.


EYEBRIGHT PLUS - A Natural Formula for Healthy Eyesight

Grandma's Herbs EYEBRIGHT PLUS with Bilberry and Lutein is an natural remedy with great components. Lutein is a powerful antioxidant, and Bilberry is proving to be just as powerful in its own right..

What's Included:

  • 1 Bottle of Grandma's Herbs EYEBRIGHT PLUS*
    • 100 Capsules - 498 mg.

Product Features:

  • Bilberry which contains the anthicyanoside oligomer to support eye health.
  • Lutein which is an antioxidant, being studied to protect cells against free radicals specific to eye health.
  • Contains herbs that are synergistic with bilberry and lutein.
  • Some of the herbs in this formula were used by the RAF (Royal Air Force) in WWII by fighter pilots.


  • Take 2 capsules morning and evening. May also be used as an eyewash. Boil 1 cup of water remove from heat. Add contents of 1 capsule into the water, steep until cool, then strain through cheesecloth and use as eyewash. Keep unused tea refrigerated.


  • Eyebright (herb), Bilberry (herb), Bayberry (bark), Red Raspberry (leaf & pulp), Golden Seal (root), Lutein, Rue (herb), Blue Vervain (herb), Fennel (seed), Chamomile (flower), Cayenne Pepper