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I was given Slim Smart as a Christmas gift. It was the best Christmas gift. My husband and I both lost 25 pounds in 3 months on the Slim Smart Diet. We ate one for breakfast and one for lunch and then a normal dinner. It was not hard to do because the shakes taste so good that I didn’t have my usual sugar cravings. The shakes also filled me up so I wasn’t hungry.

When I started on Slim Smart my fifth child was 7 months old. I was very uncomfortable with my weight plus I was having dizzy spells and a lot of light headedness and I was very worried about diabetes. With in just a week or two the dizzy spells went away and I started feeling great.

I have enjoyed all the compliments I have received from my friends and neighbors.

D Larsen
D Larsen
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I’ve had diverticulitus since 1992 and had several sets of antibiotics from the doctors and been on liquid diets. Since I found Grandma’s Herbs in 1997, I haven’t had to take any antibiotics. With the help of Super-Lax and Grandma's Herbs Nature’s Biotic, I can eat a normal diet. I’m very grateful for these wonderful herbs that help my immune system instead of damage it.

Ronda Eicks
Ronda Eicks
Folks at Grandma’s Herbs to give my testimony of your product.

I’m pleased with what I’ve used so far. The Nature’s Biotic I hate to be without, as soon as 1 of the family starts with sore throat or even a cold they take Nature’s Biotic and knock it sideways.

Willing Gingerich
Willing Gingerich
“Nature’s Biotic—This is what we call “Natures-Natural Antibiotic”. That is the quote from your catalog and I found it to be perfectly true. It’s superb formulation conbines the finest infection fighters you could get all in one bottle!
Many times when I can sense the beginning of a sore throat or feel a little run down and out of sorts I immediately will start taking some Nature’s Biotic just for the sureness of not getting worse. I’ll take some three times a day with plenty of fluid and sure enough by the next day there’s a noticeable amount of improvement. My throat feels so much better and often times my fever will diminish to nothing. I’ve used Nature’s Biotic for quite a few years over and over with y family when family gets a start of a cold and we all swear it’s the grestest. Nobody has to suffer very long with a cold as long as we’ve got Nature’s Biotic in our cupboard.

Sylvia Wasden
Sylvia Wasden
I had a raw sore throat, swollen glands and low fever, dragging for months. Refusing antibiotics and seeking to eliminate the cause, I tried many natural remedies, but nothing worked until I was introduced to “Nature’s Biotic” and in one day I was feeling fine again! This is a wonderful awareness as our bodies do not lie.

Thank You !
Dear Grandma’s Herbs
For years I thought I had scabies. I had been putting poison all over my body for years trying to get rid of the “bugs”. Nothing seemed to work and my doctors thought I was crazy because they couldn’t find anything wrong. The longer I had this, the worse it seemed to get. I spent hours searching the internet and trying many different things. One of the sites I came across was www.grandmasherbs.com. After reading the information that they had, I figured I would try their products. The very first day that I started using Parasites and Worms I knew it was working. By the time the first week passed I could see the dead parasites in the toilet each time I went to the bathroom. I started feeling better and was less gassy after eating. I was not crazy, I really did have parasites. Thanks to the great products and the people at Grandma’s Herbs, I have gotten rid of my parasite problem. Thank you for everything.

-Mike R,
Mike R
Dear Grandma,

I am writing to congratulate you on your excellent product Parasites & Worms. After being diagnosed with parasites 18 months ago by a naturopath, I have had continual treatment with 6 types of herbal products but my level of parasite infection was still 80%.
Within one week of starting treatment with Grandma’s Herbs Parasites & Worms my energy level had increased dramatically and the swelling/pain in my joints had disappeared. After 2 weeks of treatment dead tapeworms were visible in the toilet.
After 3 weeks treatment my level of parasite infection was NIL. One week later the reading is 5% so obviously there are still some eggs hatching but I am sure that another month's treatment will solve this problem.
I would recommend your product highly to anyone with parasite problems.
Thank you for your assistance.
Randal D
Ronald D
I want to tell you how much my wife and I love your Super-Lax---it’s the best. It’s easy to take and it works just great. We never worry about being constipated anymore and my wife never has problems with hemorrhoids anymore. She used to drink a tea that was supposed to help but it caused cramping and she stopped using it when I decided to try Super-Lax.
Since then we’re both satisfied that this is the product for us. We told our friends about it and they are delighted as we are. Thought you should know Super-Lax has a fan club.

Donald H Wittenberg
Don Wittenberg
Dear Joe at Grandma’s Herbs

I just have to write you and tell you how happy I am! I have been taking Super-Lax plus Slim for abut 6 weeks. I’m on my third bottle. I can’t begin to express how greatful I am for your suggesting it. I do not weigh in to see how much weight I lose (when I am trying to lose weight). So I can’t tell you how much weight I have lost but I have lost inches…mucho. My thighs, hips everything, even the upper parts of my arms. I’m telling all my friends. I don’t get as hungry either. Thanks again.

Alice Craig
Alice Craig
The results from Super-Lax and Herbal Colon Cleanser & Tonic were exciting. Only 1 a day did a good job. They are what you say they are. Thank you!

Sam J Yoder
Sam Yoder
Good morning,

Yes I will share my testimony: I had a severe digestion problem and it seemed nothing helped. I was introduced to Super-Lax and Herbal Colon Cleanser & Tonic and I have wonderful results. I took 3 of each and now backed off to 2 and hope to back off even more. I recommended these to my friends and I now see a lot in our area. Thank you Grandma's Herbs.

Dena Wickey
Dena Wickey
In my lifetime search to solve my constipation problem, I have tried everything. I DO mean everything! As a Grandmother and Great Grandmother, I mean a LONG time! The first thing that ever worked for me was frightfully expensive. I was forced to give it up.
A friend found Grandma's Herbs on the internet, asked for samples for me: Super-Lax and the Herbal Colon Cleanser & Tonic –I was “hooked”! (No not Habit-Forming, just positive results.)
These very helpful people who take your order are also very knowledgeable. I was told about the Parasite and Worm capsules. Another plus for Grandma’s! In the year I’ve been using Grandma's Herbs products I have very successfully used the Parasites and Worms four times!
I’ve had a difficult eye problem for 5 years. Two female doctors, over a period of months, solved it pretty well. Several weeks ago I started using Eyebright Plus (2 capsules twice daily) ENHANCING the doctors’ success! Gradually I will cut back on the amount.
I take all capsules as tea.
“Grandma’s” I wrote a friend working on colon health, “Is 110% as good as the expensive product.”
Thanks to my friend who introduced me to Grandma's Herbs; a million thanks to Grandma's Herbs.

Ruth W Fleck
Ruth W Fleck
I had such a problem when I discontinued the use of estrogen (because I have a strong history of cancer in my family.) I had trouble sleeping, had bouts of irritability and crying “jags” and headaches. I had started using a progesterone cream and that helped some but it wasn’t until I began using Body Balance and Stress-Less that things leveled out. I feel so much better and all those symptoms are gone, except for a headache occasionally (we all get those from stress!) I am so grateful for Grandma's Herbs products.

Thank you!
I'm writing to ask if you would do auto monthly deliveries for this item as I suffer from nightly insomnia and arthritis pain and I have not found anything that works. Please e-mail me or call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. My address that you use to send this item to me is Janet Henry xxxx xxxxx Dr. Marysville, CA xxxxx. Also my husband suffers from anxiety and tension from his work environment and I ordered the Nervine as well for him. We are very pleased with your herbal products. Thank you for your time.

Janet Henry
Happy Customer
J Henry
Dear Grandma’s Herbs

I want to tell you how much my wife and I love your SuperLax – it is the BEST. It’s easy to take & it works just great. We never worry about being constipated anymore and my wife never has problems with hemorroids anymore. She used to drink a tea that was supposed to help, but it caused cramping and she stopped using it when I decided to try super lax. Since then we’re both satisfied that this is the product for us. We told our friends about it & they were delighted as we are. Thought you should know, super-lax has a fan club

Donald H. Wittenberg, M.D., P.C.
Detroit, Michigan
D. H. Wittenberg, M.D., P.C.

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