Cold Weather Season Package

Cold Weather Season Package

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Herbal Immune Support:


  • Traditiopnally herbalists have used garlic for immune system function.
  • All over the world and for thousands of years, people have been using garlic to improve their health.
  • Garlic's main active constituent is allicin. Allicin is being studied right now as a natural antibiotic.
    • An article in MDD Diagnostice "April, 2002, Vol. 5, No. 4, P. 12" describes 2 studies that have had positive results using allicin from garlic as an alternative to prescription antibiotics. (Allicin Study Link 


  • The herb Elcampane is categorized as a diuretic, tonic, expectorant, alterative, astringent and is a gentle stimulant.

  • "The traditional uses in herbal medicine it is chiefly for coughs, consumption and other pulmonary complaints, being a favourite domestic remedy for bronchitis. It has been employed for many hundreds of years with good results in chest affections." ( A Modern Herbal Botanical )
  • An expectorant is defined as an herb that expels. 
  • An astringent is said to shrink or contract skin. Some herbalists use astringents on swollen mucous membranes.

 The studies sited above are for informational purposes only. They do not reflect or relate to the performance or purpose of any products that contain similar materials.

Health Information

Grandma's Herbs Cold Weather Package has herbal remedies for the the Cold Weather Season.
The Cold Weather Package promotes health in the immune system and the respiratory system.

Are You Prepared for the Cold Weather Season?

We all associate the coming of cold weather with certain aliments. Namely the Common cold and the flu. Some people make an annual trek to their local health clinic for a vaccination just to hedge the bet a little against getting the flu. The way that the flu vaccine works is to inject a weakened version of the flu into your bloodstream. This causes antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies provide protection against infection with the viruses that are in the vaccine. In other words the flu vaccine is actually the flu being placed in your body. Then your immune system develops the antibodies needed to defend you from that particular flu. The key on a personal level is to have a strong immune system!

Colds are another disease that comes with the onset of cold weather. Colds are much harder to fight since they are a viral disease not a bacterial disease. Colds are very communicable. They are passed from person to person by touch and through the air. If someone coughs or sneezes near you, there is a chance that you have been infected with that virus. When someone with a cold wipes their nose or sneezes into their hands shakes your hand or touches something just before you do, may cause you to be infected with that virus. The best defense against the cold is the same as the best defense against the flu... HAVE A STRONG HEALTH IMMUNE SYSTEM!

Have you ever noticed that there are people who breeze through the cold and flu season without doing anything special and yet never seem to get sick? Have you noticed that there are people that take every precaution and no matter how careful they are they catch everything? The difference between either of these two scenarios is the strength of the immune system. The idea of boosting your immunity is enticing, but the ability to do so has proved elusive for several reasons. The immune system is precisely that — a system, not a single entity. There is still much that researchers don't know about the intricacies and interconnectedness of the immune response. That doesn't mean that there aren't some core principals to follow that help maintain your immune system. Follow these instructions to give yourself the best chance to have a healthy immune system.

  • Get plenty of sleep. The first and most important rule. A tired body is a sure way to become susceptable to disease.
  • Don't smoke!!! That means anything. The toxins that come from smoke and enter the bloodstream through the lungs have to be eliminated. The immune system can be taxed during this process.
  • Eat a healthy diet. All of the nutrition consumed in a healthy diet contributed to the health and strength of your immune system.
  • Exercise regularly. This keeps all of the "juices" flowing. Increased heart rate and blood flow isn't just for your cardio-vascular health. It also aids in making sure that all of your systems are being fed and oxygenated.
  • Be vigilant at being clean and sanitary. Wash you hands consistantly. Makje sure that you are using best practices when handling and cooking the food you eat.
  • When you feel that you are getting extra exposure find supplements that boost your immune system or at least fortify the vitamins, minerals and amino's that are connected to a healthy immune system.


  • Grandma's Herbs Nature's Biotic
    • Garlic (herb), Goldenseal (root), Echinacea Angustifolia (root), Myrrh (gum), Plantain (leaves), Propolis (herb)
  • Grandma's Herbs Immune Enhancer
    • Echinacea Angustifolia (root), Astragalus (root), Siberian Ginseng (root), Pau D' Arco (bark), Suma (root), Goldenseal (root), Kelp (herb), Bladder Pod (herb), Plantain (leaf), Reishi (herb), Cayenne Pepper (40,000 HU)
  • Grandma's Herbs Respiratory Relief
    • Mullein (leaf), Bayberry (bark), Horehound (leaf), Bladder Pod (herb), Heal All (herb), Elecampane (root), Yerba Santa (herb), Plantain (herb), Nettle (leaf), Coltsfoot (flower), Cayenne (fruit 40 HU), Lungwort (herb)


  • Grandma's Herbs Nature's Biotic
    • 4 Capsules 4 or 5 times a day for 5 to 6 days as needed. You can take with Immune Enhancer and Respiratory Relief for a synergistic effect.
  • Grandma's Herbs Immune Enhancer
    • Take 1 to 2 Capsules once or twice a day. Works well in conjunction with NATURE''S BIOTIC and RESPIRATORY RELIEF.
  • Grandma's Herbs Respiratory Relief
    • 2 Capsules 3 times a day 1/2 hour before meals when possible. May use more as needed.

What's included

  • 1 Bottle of Nature's Biotic* - Herbal Remedy. - 100 Capsules - 451 mg.
  • 1 Bottle of Immune Enhancer* - An Herbal Remedy for a Healthy Immune System - 100 Capsules - 454 mg.
  • 1 Bottle of Respiratory Relief* - Herbal Remedy for Minor Respiratory Congestion Issues - 100 Capsules - 448 mg.


  • Grandma's Herbs Nature's Biotic:
    • Valuable Herbal Formula during the Spring and Fall.
    • This formula also features Garlic, Golden Seal and Echinacea.
    • Formula for promoting a healthy immune system function.
  • Grandma's Herbs Immune Enhancer:
    • Guards and strengthens a healthy immune system.
    • Formulated with a combination of herbs that promote healthy immune system function.
    • Best if used in the months of September, October, March and April.
    • This product contains Eccinacea, Golden Seal and Astragalus. Historically these herbs were used to keep people healthy!
  • Grandma's Herbs Respiratory Relief:
    • This all natural formula is designed to promote healthy respiatory function.
    • Mullein has been cultivated in Scotland and also in England for centuries, Traditionally it is used as an herb that naturally adresses respiratory issues.
    • Elcampane is traditionally used to expel mucus. It is in the expectorant herbal category.
    • This has been a great formula for use in the cold months of winter!
    • Contains herbs in the expectorant astringent and stimulant herbal categories.


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Really Works

A friend told me about this package. She said that she uses it every year. Our family tried it this year and we won't ever go without it.
We missed the whole get a cold from the kids at school thing this year. We took them as a family and for the first time EVER we didn't get sick.
Thanks Grandma don't ever stop making these products.
Reviewed by famgould
10/16/2018 - 05:58:56 PM

Best Ever

Every year my whole family deals with coughs and scratchy throats. I think that it's because my kids bring it home from their schools. This is the first year that we made it through the fall break without being sick. The only thing that we did different is to use this package of awesome products.
Reviewed by jdstmic
10/12/2018 - 06:06:54 PM