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Allergies are becoming a bigger problem.

  • What is an allergy?
    • An allergy is a disorder of the immune system.
    • Allergic reactions occur do to environmental substances known as allergens.
    • Common allergic reactions include allergic rhinitis (hay fever), eczema, hives, asthma.
    • Food, medications, insect stings and exposure to latex can trigger a more serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that happens very quickly and in some instances may be fatal.
  • We use herbs like Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) because its traditional use is for eye inflammation. 
  • "Studies have shown that lutein another ingredient in Allergy Defense. Lutein may activate branches of the immune system that suppress chronic inflammation" (Article: Newly Discovered Benefits of Lutein). This is an analysis of 4377 studies with more than 387,000 participants.
  • Allergy Defense supports the healthy function of the immune system.

Grandma Approved

Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D., Nutritionist, writes,

In the 50 years I've spen helping people to overcome illness, diability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people's health problem. In treating over 300,000 patients, it is the bowel that invariablyhas to be cared for beofre any healing can take place.

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Allergy Defense

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ALLERGY DEFENSE, a Natural Herbal Formula for Support of a Healthy Immune System

This herbal formula is for immune system support. A healthy immune system is key to over all health and well being.

What's Included:

  • 1 Bottle of ALLERGY DEFENSE*
    • 100 Capsules - 498 mg.

Product Features:

  • ALLERGY DEFENSE is an herbal formula.
  • Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) is a major part of this formula because; "In conclusion, we show that the promising effects of the application of E. officinalis L. preparations as a supplementary therapy for eye disorders are associated with the ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts" is the conclusion of this study.
  • Lutein may activate branches of the immune system that suppress chronic inflammation" (Article: Newly Discovered Benefits of Lutein).


  • 3 Capsules each morning and 3 capsules each night night.


  • Euphraisia herba (herb), Myrtilli Fructus (herb), Myricaceae (bark), Red Raspberry (leaf & pulp), Golden Seal (root), Lutein, Rue (herb), Labiatae (herb), Fennel (seed), Matricaria (flower), Cayenne Pepper

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