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The thyroid, like the other glands in the body, plays a critical part in many bodily functions.

Thyroid is located in the neck. It stores and produces and secretes hormones that affect the function of virtually every organ in our bodies.

The thyroid's hormones regulate vital body functions, including:

  • Breathing
  • Heart rate
  • Central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Body weight
  • Muscle strength
  • Menstrual cycles
  • Body temperature
  • Cholesterol levels

Other Thyroid Functions

  • The Thyroid secretes thyroxin, which controls growth, regulates the metabolism, controls body temperature and influences mental and emotional balance.
    • Thyroid issues can cause weight gain or loss, intolerance to temperature change and undesirable mood swings.
  • The thyroid is very important in proper calcium metabolism.
  • The relationship between the reproductive functions and the thyroid gland is of special importance. 
  • The Thyroid also vitalizes every cell in the body.
    • The response of the cell to sympathetic stimulation is enabled by thyroxin. It assists in the control of tissue differentiation.
  • The thyroid controls and regulates body fat, increases the power and rate of heart function, controls coagulation time, stimulates the mind, controls intestinal activity and aids in the function of the pancreas. 
  • The Thyroid helps to harmonize the activity of the suprarenal glands and works in cooperation with the parathyroid. 
    • The Parathyroid regulates the action of mineral salts in the system, especially calcium.
    • It acts in conjunction with the pituitary gland, thereby exerting a profound influence on metabolism in general.

Maintaining Thyroid Function. ​It is imperative that the thyroid functions properly. There are too many important body functions that are tied to the thyroid. There is a hormone test for the thyroid. A TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test is done to find out if your thyroid gland is working the way it should. It can tell you if it’s overactive (hyperthyroidism) or underactive (hypothyroidism).

Some of the best herbs for maintaining thyroid function are listed below.

  • ​Kelp
    • Accordong to the National Institute of Health: A dietary supplementation with kelp significantly increases both basal and poststimulation TSH. 
    • Kelp contains iodine. The iodine nourishes the thyroid gland. Historically due to its iodine content kelp has been take as an antigoiter remedy. (The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants by Andrew Chevallier)
    • Kelp is high in iodine, B vitamins psaccorides and polypsaccorides.
  • Bugleweed
    • ​​​​A surprising staatement by the University of Michigan Medicine 
      • The modern applications of bugleweed, unlike many medicinal plants, do not match its traditional use. Historically, bugleweed and related species were used to treat coughs and as a sedative.1 Today, the main use of this herb is for treating mild hyperthyroidism.
  • Black Walnut Hull
    • One of the only inland soutces of organic naturally occuring iodine.
  • Icelandic Sea Moss
    • Loaded with vitamins and minerals
    • Also contains naturrally occuring iodine.

​The importance of Iodine and Thyroid function.

  • ​A study published by the National Institute of Health ( shows that Iodine is a key constituent for maintaining the health and proper function of the thyroid.
    • Insufficient iodine during pregnancy and infancy results in neurological and psychological deficits in children.
    • The intelligence quotient (IQ) of children living in severely iodine-deficient areas is, on average, 12 points lower than that of those living in iodine-sufficient areas.
    • Iodine deficiency remains the leading cause of preventable mental retardation worldwide.
    • In adults, mild-to-moderate iodine deficiency increases the incidence of hyperthyroidism due to toxic goiter.


Grandma's Herbs THYROID formula contains herbs which assist in the feeding, nourishing and balancing of the thyroid gland. It is a great supplement to take in your daily regimen.

Grandma Approved

Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D., Nutritionist, writes,

In the 50 years I've spen helping people to overcome illness, diability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people's health problem. In treating over 300,000 patients, it is the bowel that invariablyhas to be cared for beofre any healing can take place.

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Grandma's Herbs Thyroid - Natural Herbal Formula for the Nourishment and Healthy Function of the Thyroid Gland.

The thyroid controls and regulates body fat, increases the power and rate of heart function, regualtes metabolism, controls body temperature, along with many other important functions. It acts in conjunction with the pituitary gland, therby exerting a profound influence on metabolism in general.

What's Included:

  • One Bottle of Grandma's Herbs THYROID* - 100 Capsules - 475 mg.

Product Features:

  • Grandma's Herbs THYROID formula contains herbs which assist in the feeding, nourshing and balancing of the thyroid gland.
  • Contains herbs with naturally occuring iodine.
  • Promotes healthy thyroid function.


Take 2 capsules two times a day. May be adjusted as needed.


Kelp (herb), Bladderwrack (herb), Siberian Ginseng (root), Bugleweed (herb), Cleavers (herb), Iceland Moss (herb), Gentian (root), Black Walnut (hulls), Burdock (root), Watercress (herb), Yellowdock (root), Bladderpod (herb), Sage Brush (leaf)

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