About Us

Grandma's Herbs has been in the business of helping people get well since 1978. We are still here helping people deal with health issues the natural way.

What makes us different? Our unique herbal formulas, created by our well known Master Herbalist Joseph VanSeters. With over 30 years of study he has refined our formulas to better suit today's health concerns. We combine specific herbs together that enhance each other making them more effective. In our pursuit of helping people to obtain better health we use only the best herbs, with NO FILLERS. Our 100% natural herbs are carefully selected and finely ground for quick release and maximum effectiveness. We hope you too will join us in learning what many people have already discovered about our herbal products.

Grandma's Herbs offers over 40 different herbal combinations that address health concerns such as insomnia, stress, chronic fatigue, constipation, hormone imbalance and menopause.

Grandma’s Herbs is a real "down to earth" family owned business;

  • We price our products so that they are affordable. 
  • We service each and every one of our customers individually as they need us to.
  • We have a knowledgeable staff that will answer your questions and concerns honestly and directly.
  • We promise a pleasant experience with our staff and our product.
  • We do not automatically bill your credit card each month.
  • We do not automatically ship product to you.
  • We promise honest and forthright in all of our dealings with all of our customers.

Why Use Grandma’s Herbs?


This question has been asked countless times of our Master Herbalist, Joseph VanSeters. This is his answer on why we should study and use herbs in our lives for better health.


“An herb is a plant that can feed, nourish and nurture the body, can give us strength and enhance our immune systems. Learning about herbs and what methods we can use to give aid to our bodies and enhance our overall health.

     We all have a healing, or immune, system that operates continually and is always on call. Herbs allow us to cooperate with the healing system to repair damage done by injury, lifestyle, environment, toxins, drugs, etc. There are many herbs that will strengthen the immune system and help protect our health.

In herbs we find the most remarkable combinations of elements to suit every requirement of the body. Not only do they supply food materials, but tonics, laxatives, astringents, stimulants, sedatives, diuretics, stone solvents and apparently every requirement needed to treat disease.

     We owe our existence to the plant kingdom. The very air we breathe is a gift from the plant world. Every health need of the human body is found in plants. The plants get the food out of the earth for us and turn it into a form that we can use. Throughout history, man has sought a remedy for his ailments in the fields and woods with remarkable success.

     Medical doctors in Germany, China, India and the rest of the world use herbs “because they work”. Around the world, traditional healers, using plant medications, provide health care to eighty percent of the human population – over four billion people. In nearly every country, except the U.S., herbs and other alternative therapies are conventional. How can the rest of the world be wrong? Their not! There is an astounding amount of evidence that verifies the nutritional and medicinal value of herbs in their natural state.

        Nutrition is the basis for good health and prevention of illness. Herbs are the most nutritious of all foods. They are ideal for health maintenance because you can take them every day without dependency issues or severe side effects. Herbal supplements provide the nutrients your heart and other organs need, without danger of fatal overdose.

          For thousands of years herbs have been used by many for better health. From the time of King Solomon, who was reputed to be the wisest man of his time and a great herbal physician, on down to Hippocrates, Dioscorides, Galen and all through the Middle Ages, right up to the present time there have always been great herbalists researching and putting into practice the use of herbs for better health.

     It seems evident to common reason that as nature supplies all our foods from the vegetable, or herb, kingdom, so should she supply what we need to improve our health and way of life. Every animal apparently knows its remedy.  From man’s observation of animals and what they do when they are sick, has come most of our knowledge of herbs and their uses.

     We also owe a great deal to the Native Americans and natives of other countries who, through centuries, have taught the us how to effectively use herbs. When the pilgrims reached the shores of the New World over 2,000 tribes, totaling almost one million natives inhabited the land. Frontier doctors, settlers and soldiers fully agreed that the natives recovered from wounds that would have proved fatal to the early pilgrims. The tribal medicine men received the knowledge of herbs and their uses through their fathers they cured wounds that our doctors couldn’t.  For thousands of years herbs were their main source of health.

I challenge you to take control of your health and your bodies. Study all aspects of herbs and other remedies that will help you to make an educated decision when it comes to your health. I have helped many men and women and I have witnessed the changes in their health, lifestyle and well being that proves to me personally that herbs can make a real difference. I rarely can go anywhere that I am not thanked for my knowledge in herbs and the help they have provided. I owe my own life to the power of herbs, and I feel honored when I can share my knowledge and experience with others.”


-Joseph VanSeters - Master Herbalist-