Frequently Asked Questions

What is an herbal supplement?
    • An herbal supplement is usually a combination of herbs or a single herb that has been encapsulated. Normally the properties (vitamins, minerals and active constituents) will address some sort of a health issue like; constipation, internal cleansing or immune system boosting.
Why should I take herbal supplements?
    • Herbal supplements have been used for thousands of years to address all kinds of health issues. The Chinese have records of the medicinal uses of herbs that are claimed to date back several millennia. We know that there are certainly more effective drugs that will address the same issues but they are so strong that many times they are accompanied with severe side effects that may be as bad as the issue that you are trying to resolve. Herbs on the other hand are natural and effective. They possess many of the same properties as their drug counterparts, however because they are in their natural form there are very few if any side effects. We suggest trying to resolve your health issues naturally first then if you need something stronger your Doctor will be able to prescribe something suitable for you and your situation
Should I consult a physician before I try an herbal supplement?
  • Yes, yes, yes. If you are sick or if you have any type of disease or disorder you should always consult a physician or a health care professional. They will help you to determine what is really wrong with you. Our caution is that not all physicians are familiar with naturopathic or homeopathic remedies. There are also a great number of physicians that do not support the fact that herbs and herbal remedies really work. Our advice is to listen to your health care professional and then be diligent in finding the correct answers for you and your situation. Herbal remedies have a very long history of addressing and helping with all sorts of illnesses. The bottom line is that you should make the decision whether or not to try an herbal remedy.
What are the common side effects from taking herbal supplements?
  • Most of the time there are no side effects from taking natural herbal supplements. If herbs are left in their natural form they are generally strong enough to be effective but they are not so strong that they will cause any noticeable side effects. There are some individuals that that could have a mild allergic reaction to one or more of the herbs in a combination. Those reactions are easily resolved as soon as you stop taking the herbal combination that you are allergic to.
What is special about Grandma’s Herbs?
  • Grandma’s Herbs in dedicated to leaving our herbs as natural as possible. Herbs are generally just the leaves, bark, stem, flower or fruit of a plant. Each part has its own set of constituents or properties. If they are truly natural they are just dried and ground into a powder form before being placed in a capsule and consumed. We believe that we were designed to eat food (herbs) in their natural form, not chemically enhanced, preserved or concentrated foods. It is our goal to create combinations or formulas that are effective because each of the raw materials in the formula enhances all of the others, not because we enhanced one or two of the main constituents to make a simulation of an OTC Drug.
What conditions do herbal supplements address?
  • Most of the complaints that we receive here at Grandma’s Herbs have to do with allergies, constipation, colds, flues, respiratory issues, headaches, sleep issues or sore and swollen joints. We have remedies that can help in each of these areas. If you have something more serious than that or if the condition fails to get better with time and treatment you should consult a health care condition.
Are herbs habit forming?
  • We have not seen that any of the products that we offer are habit forming. Most people that use our herbal products take them while they need them and are able to stop without incident. However addiction can be psychological just as much it can be physiological. If you have an addictive personality you should monitor your consumption carefully and seek help if needed.
Can I take too may herbs, can I overdose on herbs?
  • Even though herbs are not as concentrated and dangerous as drugs can be it is important to follow the directions listed on the label. Herbs have some of the same constituents in their composition as the synthesized versions (drugs) do. This means that if you were to accidentally take too many capsules you could create a problem. The good news is that the natural properties are in their natural form, they are less concentrated and are less harmful if a mistake is made. Bottom line is that you should be careful with supplements too.
Should I only take herbal supplements while my problem exists or can I take them as a daily maintenance regimen?
  • This is a really good question. Some herbal formulas are designed to be part of a daily maintenance program while others are designed to address certain issues while the issue exists. As an example Grandma’s Herbs Herbal Calcium or Daily Greens are definitely for daily supplementation. On the other hand there are products like Parasites and Worms that should only be taken while you are trying to rid yourself of those nasty little bugs that love to crawl under your skin. We also should mention that supplements like SuperLax, Herbal Colon Cleanser and several others that Grandma produces can be used either way. They are good as a maintenance regimen or as a short term resolve for a current issue.
Should I stop taking my prescriptions when I stop taking herbs?
  • The answer to this is a resounding NO! You and your doctor decided to place you on that prescription. Sometimes there are issues with stopping and there are particular problems that would come from an immediate discontinuance. It is possible that the herbs that you take make it necessary to adjust and possibly even discontinue your prescription. That should be determined by you and your doctor or health care provider. If your goal is to remove the prescription drugs from your life it is possible in a lot of cases, but be careful and conservative in the process.
Can it be harmful to take both herbal supplements and prescription drugs at the same time?
  • Yes, some drugs have adverse side effects that are more prevalent when the constituents from natural products are introduced. The side effects are not limited to just natural products though. They include all kinds of “Over The Counter” (OTC) drugs cold and flu medications herbal or natural supplements, cigarettes and even alcohol. It is important to read very thoroughly all of the warnings that come with your prescription drugs so that you will know and understand the benefits and risks of that particular drug. There will also be a list that contains anything that is not safe to take with that particular drug. A great resource for explanations on this would be a Pharmacist.