Men's Prostate Package

Men's Prostate Package

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Corn Silk and Saw Palmetto have been recommended by doctors and urologists for healthy healthy prostate function.

Saw Palmetto Berries.

  • Traditional use of Saw Palmetto is to maintain a healthy prostate.
  • It has also been used for the male reproductive organ function as well.
  • There in much more information that is available on Saw Palmetto The University of Maryland Medical Center posted a great article with great information.

Corn Silk, has been used for hundreds of years as an aid to men’s health. It is believed that the use of corn silk originated in Central America.

  • Traditionally it has been used to support the bladder and kidney function. Because it is so fiberous it also supports healthy digestion.
  • It is classified as a diuretic and may help to aid the secretion and flow of urine. It is also classified as a demulcent. Demulcents are defined as soothing to irritated tissues.

Diuretic effect of parsley study*The “Vitamins to Health” website lists parsley among the natural herbs used traditionally for kidney cleansing. This is based on the premise that toxic products such as urea pass through the kidneys, and if the volume of fluid going through the kidneys increases (diuretic effect) , as is seen when parsley is used, these toxins leave the body at a faster rate, which cleanses or flushes the kidneys.

Parsley is one of the herbs used in KIDNEY.

  • It is traditionally used for promoting a healthy kidney function and for being good for digestion.
  • It is very rich in vitamins A, C and some B’s.
  • This beautiful green herb also has more calcium and phosphorus than most herbs, as well as a good source of manganese, potassium, and chlorophyll.

Health Information

Who should be concerned with prostate problems?

All men are at risk for prostate problems because all men have a prostate.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH, also known as an enlarged prostate, is growth of the prostate gland to an unhealthy size. A man's chances of having BPH go up with age:

  • Age 31-40: one in 12
  • Age 51-60: about one in two
  • Over age 80: more than eight in 10

For most men, nightly bathroom runs may be the first sign of an enlarged prostate. Other symptoms may include trouble starting a stream of urine, leaking, or dribbling. And, like gray hair, an enlarged prostate is a natural by-product of getting older if you listen to doctors.

The really annoying trouble is, the nightly bathroom runs become more frequent -- eventually edging their way into the daytime routine.
Eventually men with BPH can't sit through a meeting or a plane flight without getting up. And it's not like these men can just hold it. When they have to go THEY REALLY HAVE TO GO!!! 

How does BPH or an enlarged Prostate gland effect men?

In men, urine flows from the bladder through the urethra. BPH is a benign (noncancerous) enlargement of the prostate that blocks the flow of urine through the urethra. The prostate cells gradually multiply, creating an enlargement that puts pressure on the urethra -- the "chute" through which urine exits the body.
As the urethra narrows, the bladder has to contract more forcefully to push urine through the body.
Over time, the bladder muscle becomes stronger, thicker, and overly sensitive. The muscles surrounding the bladder begin to contract even when the bladder contains small amounts of urine, causing a need to urinate frequently. Eventually, the bladder muscle cannot overcome the effect of the narrowed urethra so urine remains in the bladder and it is not completely emptied.

  • Symptoms of enlarged prostate can include:
    • Urgency to urinate
    • Getting up frequently at night to urinate
    • A urinary stream that starts and stops
    • Straining to urinate
    • Continued dribbling of urine
    • Returning to urinate again minutes after finishing

The issue with an enlarged prostate gland doesn't stop at inconsistant urination. There are certain health issues that can follow if left untreated. When the bladder does not empty completely, men can be at risk for developing urinary tract infections. Other serious problems can also develop over time, including bladder stones, blood in the urine, incontinence, and acute urinary retention (an inability to urinate). A sudden and complete inability to urinate is a medical emergency; you should see your doctor immediately. In rare cases, bladder and/or kidney damage can develop from BPH.


    • Corn Silk (herb), Parsley (herbs), Saw Palmetto (berry), Buchu (leaf), Echinacea Angustifolia (root), Marshmallow (root), Dandelion (root), Pumpkin (seed), Uva Ursi (leaf)
    • Garlic (herb), Goldenseal (root), Echinacea Angustifolia (root), Myrrh (gum), Plantain (leaves), Propolis (herb)
    • Parsley (herb), Uva Ursi (leaves), Juniper (berry), Marshmallow (root), Buchu (leaves), Cleavers (herb), Corn Silk, Dandelion (root), Hydrangea (root), Meadowsweet (herb), Yarrow (flowers)
    • Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Progesterone usp, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetyle Ricinoleate, Stearic Acid, Saw Palmetto oil, Apricot Oil, Pygeum Bark Extract, Stinging Nettle Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Zinc Stearate, Lecithin, Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B-5), Retinyl Palmitate ( Vitamin A), Xanthan Gum, Silver, Chloride, Sandalwood Extract, Orange Extract.


    • 2 Capsules twice a day, one hour before meals when possible.
    • 4 Capsules 4 or 5 times a day for 5 to 6 days as needed.
    • Take 2 capsules morning and evening. One hour after eating when possible.
    • Apply twice daily as directed.

What's included

  • 1 bottle of Grandma's Herbs PROSTATE*
    • 100 Capsules - 448 mg.
  • 1 bottle of Grandma's Herbs NATURE'S BIOTIC*
    • 100 Capsules - 451 mg.
  • 1 bottle of Grandma's Herbs KIDNEY*
    • 100 Capsules - 465 mg.
  • 1 bottle of Grandma's Herbs KOKORO MEN'S PROSTATE CREAM
    • For prostate health  2 oz.


    • Herbal supplement that promotes healthy prostate functions.
    • Utilizes Saw Palmetto, one of the most effective single herbs for prostate health.
    • Includes corn silk, another very effective herbs for promoting prostate and urinary tract health for men.
    • Synergistic effect when used with Grandma's Herbs Prostate and Kidney supplements.
    • This formula also features Golden Seal and Echinacea.
    • Formula for promoting a healthy immune system function.
    • A Natural Herbal Formula for Promoting Healthy KIDNEY and Urinal Tract Function.
    • Promotes health and well being.
    • Works well with Nature's Biotic for maintaining a healthy urinary tract.
    • Designed as a topical application for the prostate.


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